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  Quality Stone & Masonry Construction since 1955
Welcome to Dee Brown, Inc.

Dee Brown, Inc performs all facets of stone, masonry and terra cotta work.  We are a full service company from new construction to ongoing maintenance and ultimately restoration.  DBI performs stone, masonry and terra cotta work in many market segments of construction.  We work with Sculpture Artists to create stone artwork and hardscapes, have built many LEED projects, and perform stone, masonry and terra cotta work in the commercial, instittutional, municipal, residential, as well both high end single family and high end multifamily segments.  DBI has a special projects division that focuses on repair and remodel, restoration, and has a separate 7700 square foot highly technological stone fabrication facility that can not only support the exterior and interior core business but can supply, fabricate, and install many types of stones or solid surface materials in various aspects of vertical and horizontal installations.  So rather it be adhered, panelized, rain screen or traditional set stone, masonry or terra cotta DBI continues to develop our skillset so that we can ulitmately become the premier solutions based installer in the marketplace.  We truly care about each individual project, and hope to be your specialty service partner in the future.    

Since 1955, Dee Brown, Inc. has provided quality, skill, integrity, and expertise to the construction industry related to all forms of exterior and interior stone, conventional masonry, panelized masonry, glass block, and reinforced masonry. Our mission in the construction industry is to provide customer satisfaction through dedication, reliability, and integrity while producing the highest quality product at the lowest possible cost.

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